A complete suite of practice tools

The full range of SpeakEasy tools, taking learners through study, practice, perform, personalize firing-Line, skilled practice and certification is the perfect message acquisition path for new associates or existing associates with new messages.


One size does not fit all

However, One size does not fit all. If existing associates are weak on the fundamentals they not need a complete overhaul. In this case you may decide to have them begin their practice in Personalize mode where they focus refresh you message points before they advance to skilled practice and certification.

Where should existing associates start?

But how do you know if an existing associate is weak on their fundamentals. You send them through your case study obstacle course – Certification. If they succeed, they have proven to you that they have mastered your fundamentals. If they fail or simply need some skilled practice. Associates that need to recalibrate their messages may be best served by using skilled practice repeatedly to hone their skills until they are ready to successfully certify.  If you discover an associates fundamentals are weak they should refresh their skills by starting in Personalize mode before proceeding to skilled practice.

Whatever the skill level, SpeakEasy has the right practice and certification path.

SpeakEasy Express

SpeakEasy Express is subset of the SpeakEasy suite designed specifically for skilled practice by and certification of experienced associates. SpeakEasy Express is also appropriate for leaning basic messages or short transactional messaging.


The right mix

Depending on the needs of your organization it is likely that your will use a combination of SpeakEasy and SpeakEasy express to meet the ongoing needs of your organization.