Practice Made Perfect

The simple fact is that without practice excellent performance is unlikely. SpeakEasy is practice made perfect, providing your associates with all the practice they need. Without practicing on your customers!

Deliberate Practice

The best-selling books, The Talent Code, Talent is Overrated, and Outliers, bring to light “Deliberate Practice” a powerful practice process that increases skill development speed five to ten times that of standard practice methods. SpeakEasy uses deliberate practice to move associates from crawl, to walk, walk to run and run to sprint. Your associates acquire your messages fast and get all the practice they need without practicing on your customers.

A Game Changer

SpeakEasy changes the game by taking associates through each critical phase of skill building. Associates avoid developing poor messaging habits and dramatically improve their strategic messaging delivery skills from 20% to 80%. Impacting your bottom line by ensuring your prospects hear your most powerful messages.

Any Message or Conversation

SpeakEasy allows practicing any strategic message or conversation. Including, overcoming objections, positioning products, probing, consultative selling, negotiating, closing and more. Messages and conversations can be based on any sales methodology. The creation of a SpeakEasy role-play starts with a practice dialog. The dialog is simply a sample conversation with a customer that embodies the desired sale method and contains strategic messages

Learning Chunks

Your dialogs are broken into learning chunks. Each "Exchange" with a prospect is broken down further into Exchange "Tasks" and a "Task Outline" and ultimately into "Talking Points" and "Key-Phrases".  The Task Outline is the structure of your message and embodies your sales methodology.

Crawl, Walk, Run then Sprint

When associates are new to a lesson they "Learn" the messages during the "Study", "Practice" and "Perform" modes.  These modes, which are similar to training wheels on a bike,  use speech recognition, recorded playback and self assessment to listen to associates as internalize the fine details of your messages

From Scripted to Personalized and Flexible

Once an associate has acquired the basics of your message the "training wheels" are taken off in "Personalize" mode.  In Personalize associates focus on the "big picture" or the structure of the message.  They work to make the message their own while still conveying a proven, powerful message. The goal is not to have associates memorize a script, but to practice with scripts that allow them to adopt your "Best Practice Patterns" no matter what situations they encounter in the field.  SpeakEasy's Patent Pending process uses "Learning Chunks"

No Pain No Gain

Unfortunately practice is hard work (no pain - no gain) and many associates won't take the time to practice unless  required. Managers and senior leaders can monitor associates practice. Each week managers and associates are e-mailed reports that detail how much time each associate is practicing. With SpeakEasy your teams and associates compete while they practice. Managers can easily determine who has been 'hitting the gym'

Protect your Training Investment

SpeakEasy's cloud based reporting provides managers in-depth, real-time progress information. Managers can even review recordings of associates practice sessions. SpeakEasy helps you identify associates who will protect your training investment by contributing their sweat equity.

Certify your Associates Ready for your Customers

One type of practice cannot take an associate from rookie to expert.  SpeakEasy let's associates get 90% of the practice they need as they progress from learning to personalizing, without requiring a practice partner or consuming valuable trainer/manager time.

When an associate has successfully practiced key situations in SpeakEasy it is time for a face-to-face certification with an expert.  Only then will you know they are ready for your customers.

Certification made Easy

To help the experts SpeakEasy creates practice schedules, role-play certification guides and certification sheets for use in the field.  Managers can conduct certifications over the phone, in the car or at the office.

SpeakEasy reduces the time that trainers/experts need to spend with associates by shifting the practice to SpeakEasy and leaving certification for the experts.  If your an associates fail to certify simply send them back for more practice.